J Bowers

Little Rock - Arkansas
Name:J Bowers
Occupation:HR Manager
Hometown:Little Rock, Arkansas
Weight Lost:29 pounds

Can you share your experience working with your mentor, Rhonda?

Although I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes long before I first met with Rhonda; I benefited greatly right from our very first meeting. I have progressed so much since that first session. I am T1, just like Rhonda and I think this is what has made our time together so purposeful I know she understands me. These are tried and tested practices that she has real-life, hands-on experience of.

I look at each meeting with Rhonda as a small investment into my future health and well-being and have absolutely no regrets whatsoever in hiring her as my mentor and coach for my diabetes. If you have not done so already, I would suggest you contact her for your first session.



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