Elise H

A very satisfied client - Phoenix, Arizona
Name: Elise H
Family Status:Married
Occupation:US Postal Service
Hometown:Phoenix, AZ
Weight Lost:28.4 pounds
Starting A1C:10.1
Current A1C:6.8

Are you happy with our service?

When I was asked the question if I was happy with the level of service I received, it was answered with a resounding yes.

Although Carli and I did not meet in person, I found that quite soon after speaking with her there was a noticeable improvement.

Medically speaking, my A1C was getting lower and lower by the month, from 10.1 down to 6.8. My blood sugars levels are closer now, more than they ever have been to where they need to be. I could not have got to where I am without the consultations with my diabetes mentor. I cannot recommend the services highly enough.


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